Backstage Beauty: Christian Siriano Fall 2012

Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders styles smooth, straight hair for the Christian Siriano autumn winter 2012 show.

“The silhouette of the style is inspired by the mystique of bats, as is Christian’s collection,” says Beenders. “Hair is tight to the head to represent the body of the bat, and wide in the back to mirror the wing span.”

1. Prep hair with Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother and blowdry straight.
2. Create a section at the top of the head by parting hair along the parietal ridge on both sides. Secure hair on top of head with an elastic.
3. Continue the parts on both sides of the head toward the nape. Secure center section at the back of the head with an elastic.
4. Comb out the loose section on the left side of the head and prep with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray. Create an inverted braid, starting at the temple – 1 to 2 inches above the ear – working toward the nape, following the natural curve of the hairline.
5. Secure the braid at the nape with an elastic and flat iron loose ends.
6. Repeat on the right side of the head. Mist both braids with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.
7. Release the section at the back of the head and comb out.
8. Flat iron hair in one-inch sections, prepping with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray to add gloss and light hold, moving up the from nape to crown.
9. Remove the elastic from the top section and use a flat iron to smooth the hair, working in horizontal sections from sides to center part. Let the hair fall over the braids, covering them completely, and smooth out with a fine-toothed comb.
10. Pull the hair back, as if for a low pony tail, in a wide, flat swath. Use pins to hold hair in place, anchoring them into the braids on left and right sides of the swath.
11. Secure hair by placing a 3 to 4 inch metal comb horizontally at the nape. Remove pins.
12. Mist with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray to tame flyaways and add shine. Spritz with Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine for added gloss to finish.

Q: What was your inspiration? How did you collaborate with the designer to create the hair style?
Antoinette Beenders: “Christian’s collection is inspired by the beauty of bats, so we wanted to create a style that would echo that concept and complement his designs. We kept the hair close to the head to mimic the body shape of a bat, using the braids as an anchor at the nape, as well as a way to minimize volume. The style is uncomplicated, modern and sophisticated.”

Q: What is the inspiration for your collection?
Christian Siriano: "My inspiration for the Fall 2012 collection are bats and specifically the '30s film The Vampire Bat. These flying demons of the night intrigue me with their creepy, dark and dramatic presence, as well as the intricate details of their veins and the bone structure of their wings. I find beauty in the wings of the bat, which can be seen in the details of the clothing -- leather appliqués, ethereal flowing silk crepe dresses, tops and capes taking flight. The black and white '30s film featured lead actress Fay Wray, who was elegant and sophisticated wearing beautiful blouses tucked into long evening skirts in black and white -- a look juxtaposed with the core horror content and backdrop of the movie. The grainy nature of the old film inspired the color palate and the modern prints seen throughout the entire collection.”


[Images courtesy of Aveda]

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