Malibu MakeOver Revives Damaged Summer Hair

You got straight A's during your years schooling as a stylist, but nothing could have prepared you for the distressing post-summer strands you see every fall.  Loaded with chlorine, over-exposed to the sun and washed one too many times in hard water, your clients’ hair screams for so much more than a clarifying shampoo—it cries for a major makeover.  The summer months sabotage the hair by blocking haircolor penetration.

There to help you make magic on even the most hard-hit of hair, Malibu MakeOver is a 100% vegan wellness treatment from health-based beauty brand, Malibu C.  In just two simple steps, Malibu MakeOver’s all-age appropriate formula works on damaged, discolored locks, turning them into swingy, shiny strands.  With this safe, gentle hair helper in your arsenal, back-to-school season can be the busiest, best time of year for your salon.
The professional treatment starts with a Crystal Gel Normalizer, a mix of freshly activated, antioxidant vitamin crystals which gently pull cloying pool chemicals, malicious H20 mineral deposits and perturbing product buildup to the scalp’s surface where they can be rinsed clean away.  The second step in your MakeOver kit is Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder, a gentle gel which uses plant proteins to restore the inner hair structure only in the places it has been damaged, strengthening strands against further harm.  The healthy hair that’s left behind is “totally transformed in terms of tone, texture, vibrancy and health,” attests Malibu founder and CEO, Tom Porter.  “It’s truly an amazing difference in hair!”
Malibu C’s two-part Malibu MakeOver treatment is free of chelators, parabens, propylene glycol and is full of food-grade, 100% vegan, natural ingredients.  So what are you waiting for?  Offer this inexpensive makeover miracle to your clients and see yourself moving to the head of the savvy stylists’ class!


Image courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.

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