Pop Princess Britney Spears Gets Sultry Look with Assistance from Hair/Makeup Artist Marco Berardini

Celebrity Groomer Marco Berardini has been on set with Britney Spears since the debut of her 2011 Femme Fatale Tour and is responsible for the bombshell's on-stage look.

Marco Berardini, celebrity groomer and founder of the award-winning products EVOLUTIONMAN, has been busy on set as Britney Spears’ official hair and makeup artist for her “Femme Fatale” tour. The Femme Fatale tour bus has officially taken off and Marco can be seen styling the pop princess at each destination.
Already a celebrity groomer to the stars, Marco has worked with clients including Patrick Dempsey, LeBron James and supermodel Marissa Miller (to name a few.)  His line EVOLUTIONMAN is quickly becoming a favorite amongst these celebrities and other celeb groomers such as Sonia Lee, who uses it to get stars Neil Patrick Harris and Anthony Hopkins red carpet ready. While working one-on-one with his male clients, Marco discovered that, “men are often in the dark about proper grooming habits,” and this has inspired him to “create a multi-purpose line that made it easy for men to take proper care of their skin.”
EVOLUTIONMAN’s Wash & Buff has recently won the award for best face scrub in Men’s Health Magazine.  The brands award-winning product, and entire line, is made in the US and features green packaging and socially conscious production. All tubes contain post-consumer recycled milk cartons, and the boxes are made from paper generated from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The ingredients also include natural extracts, such as algae and chamomile, and some products are infused with SPF to protect the skin while caring for it.


Image courtesy of Melody Joy PR.

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