Ricardo Rojas Creates a Chic Chignon for Kelly Rutherford

Ricardo Rojas created Kelly Rutherford's chignon for the celebration of 100 Episodes of Gossip Girl. The inspiration for this look was to create an edgy and downtown chic up-do.

Rojas prepped with lifting and texturizing spray. Then, he rough-dried locks with his hands, curling the ends up. Once her hair was dry, he boosted body with dry shampoo to create the matted look. Next, he pulled the top section of the hair hair back and secured with a bobby pin creating a loose ponytail effect. Ricardo then pulled the rest of the hair from the nape of the neck into a ponytail and secured in the middle with a bobby pin. Rojas then molded the hair into a chignon at the middle of the head.  He then used his fingers and scrunched the hair to create the edgy feel.  Finally, Rojas set into place and set with hairspray.




Image: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment

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