Create Melanie Amaro's X Factor Look

X Factor USA makeup artist Kristofer Buckle shares his secrets to getting Melanie Amaro's glamorous look:

When Krostofer first met Melanie he felt that giving her a sun kissed look would bring out her beautiful teeth and help give her a more slim look.

Kristofer says, "I used self tanner and I used warm tan colored foundation. I used bronzers to contour her cheeks nose and jaw to shift attention and add balance to her overall appearance. Nothing is more glamorous than an angled smokey eye with lashes, so I use rich warm browns metallic bronze and muted purples and magnify the size and shape of her eyes. I make her lower outer liner quite wide and blend it up and out in the direction of her upper ear. (When creating symmetrical eyes it's good to have a target so it's easier to match the other side.) I use two pairs of wispy black eyelashes to help re-enforce the new eye shape and I usually keep the lips easy and pale.  Sometimes when I use color on the lips, I keep the attention and drama only on the outer eye so that her face doesn't close in too much. Good makeup needs to be on a good model, and Melanie Amaro has been an eager glamour girl from the start!"


[Image: Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment]

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