Tata: The Shaman Elder

Indigo plays a special role in Yawanawa ceremony. Technical director Ian Michael Black channeled the color’s association with intuition and spiritual knowledge in the hue he created for Tata. “Working the purplish-blue shade into black roots gives the look a 3-D feel,” Black muses, “creating dimension and depth at the scalp and radiating brightness.”



Another pigment important to the Yawanawa is urukum, a vivid orange-red. Makeup artist Janell Geason applied the color to the cheekbones to play up the boldness of Tata’s hair. “By contouring her bone structure and sweeping a cool blue shade across the eyes to accentuate her haircolor, I achieved shapes that were a bit supernatural,” Geason says.


Unusual angles combine with a refined edge to give the cut an architectural feel, informs artistic director Allen Ruiz. “I used extremes of short and long to create a round form,” he relates, saying that it gives an “unexpected half-pipe shape to the look.”


"To me, hairdressing is all about feminine power—it’s always present," smiles Beenders. "Aveda is known for beautifully feminine and unique hair, for luxury hair with a twist." This is why she loves Tata's hairstyle. "I love the Tata cut for its freshness. The color is so unusual, a little bit wacky and feminine at the same time, it’s totally wearable."

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