4 - The Agency


Inside the Agency

What exactly does an artist agent do for your career? From helping strategize your portfolio (both online and real-life books) to negotiating deals to getting you paid, the agent works on many levels to make your talent assessable to the right clients at the right time.

“As an agent, you try and make a career for your artists, matching them with the perfect client, putting them in front of the camera if they’re comfortable. You’re there to protect them before they go to a shoot, ensuring that they’ll be paid if the day goes into overtime,” says Smith, adding, “You’re the one who tracks down late payments.”

Ahh, yes: Money. “Some say the must important thing our agency does is billing,” laughs Moore. “But, really, beyond negotiating rates and terms, a great agent is a good listener to his or her artists, who can give direction to help them get to where they want to be."

(Photo: Jeff Tse; Makeup: Annie Ing at Celestine Agency)

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