Makeup Gets Its Closeup

MakeupBeauty Across Time: Part 7

1905: Max Factor arrives in Los Angeles from St. Louis in an attempt to sell his cosmetics and wigs to the studios involved in the fledgling motion picture industry. His cosmetics company is officially founded in 1909.

The company developed countless makeup innovations including the first motion picture makeup in 1914, lip gloss (1930), pan-cake makeup, forerunner of all modern cake makeups (1937), Pan-Stik Makeup (1948), Erace, the original cover-up cosmetic (1954) and the first "waterproof" makeup (1971). In fact, even the word makeup was coined by Max Factor!

1905: Ruth Maurer starts “Marinello” beauty school to develop trained and capable beauticians. The schools were named after Giovanni Marinello, the founder of Modern Cosmetology. It is thought to be the first cosmetology school in America.

1905: Madame C.J. Walker, a St. Louis washerwoman, invents a method to soften and smooth black women's hair, using an emollient cream and hot combs. She traveled around the country teaching the “Walker Method” to other black women, which in turn provides these women with a career choice other than domestic service. She becomes the first female millionaire in America.

1906: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Inez Milholland lead the New York Suffragette Rally wearing makeup.

1906: Charles Nessler introduces the first permanent-waving machine. The first public demonstration took place on October 8, 1906, but Nessler had been working on the idea since 1896. Because Nessler's method wrapped the hair in a spiral along the rods, it couldn't be used with short hair and alternate systems would need to be developed. This wonderful electric gadget brought hope that every head could be curly—though many a hair curled at the early price of $200 for the machine.

1906: The Colgate Company produces over 3,000 different soaps, perfumes and other products.

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