Martin Parsons's favorite upstyles—plus the one that started it all!

LP: What is your favorite upstyle of all time? Which era, and specifically which style?

MP: When someone really loves their field, it’s hard to pick which era is most influential; each one evokes different feelings in creative people. But if I have to pick one: Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Butterfield 8 with the sensual little pixie pieces around her face. Every time Alexandre de Paris would dress her hair up for a night on the town, I would lose myself in the height, the accessories and the sheen of the queen.

LP: When many stylists think of updos, they immediately imagine prom day in the salon. How should stylists move beyond this image and begin doing modern upstyles that evoke the red carpet?

MP: Dressing the hair up should be a growing service in every salon. Young families need to be reminded of the impact of their dressing up for parties, family events and important markers like a child's recital or graduation. Stylists need to make clients aware of spontaneous opportunities for updos, maybe as a surprise or to make each event they attend special.

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