Subject: You cut hair


I recently watched the episode of Style Network's Split Ends on which your salon was featured.  I must say I'm embarrassed for you.  Allen, you cut hair.   You don't deliver babies, diagnose illness, enforce public safety, or put out fires.  Again, you cut hair.  Your behavior was disgusting.  You should be ashamed of the way you treated the visiting stylist.  Once again, let me remind cut hair. 

You and your salon won't be remembered for the quality of product, or high level of service.  You and your salon will be remembered for the fact that you are a f***ing dick and you treat others like s***.  The visiting stylist is not  to your level when it comes to style, fashion, or ability.  However, she has personality.  The only personality you have is ugly.

Let me stress one last time: you cut hair.  You don't save lives, or provide society with a philanthropic service.  Keep that in mind the next time you think about using your "reputation" to intimidate people.  Before your episode of Split Ends aired, 99% of this world didn't know who the f*** Allen Edwards is.  Now that your episode of Split Ends has aired, millions of people now know that Allen Edwards is a first class douche bag.

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