Subject: Difficult to Watch

Dear Allan,

Watching the show "Split Ends" tonight was difficult to watch. It has made me think that if any one is LAME,  it is your attitude and your 'redneck' comments to a girl who obviously required a more 'adult' individual to show her the ropes in LA style hairdressing. Subsequently,  I would never come to your salon knowing that you are a bully and a foul mouthed owner who not only embarrasses those who watch you,  but shows that Brentwood, CA is small minded and shallow place to live. I don't care how 'wonderful' YOU think you are - you couldn't pay me enough to get my hair cut by you or your sour pussed hair stylists snickering in the background.

I reside in LA and would never recommend any of my model, actress and/or spokesmodel girlfriends to come to your salon. There are many GREAT ones out there and owners who have class and talent. You, however, lack taste.  You may want to go to etiquette school one day.

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