The F-Bomb

“I went in there with the attitude to be nice to everyone, no matter what,” says Skudlarek. But she feels that her anonymous defenders got a skewed perception of her. “I think they’re standing up for a different person. The episode made me look like a little girl who couldn’t defend herself.”

“What people didn’t see was me having a good relationship with Sam,” bemoans Edwards. “I told her she was talented and there were even high fives—but all of that was cut for drama.” Skudlarek was surprised with what the producers decided to air as well. “I think they chose the boring stuff!” she laughs.

How many times can one person say f**k in the course of 30 minutes?

So would either do anything differently? “I probably wouldn’t have dropped the F-bomb,” reveals Edwards, referring to his on-camera faux pas during Skudlarek’s final challenge, which was judged in part by Launchpad editors Jeryl Spear and Amy Dodds. “But, damn! That was good TV.”

Skudlarek relates that she wishes that she’d been given more opportunities to shine. “Even during the final challenge, I didn’t have any time to plan at all, which was a little upsetting. I loved the models they provided, but it was a lot of pressure trying to ignore what was going on around me and still keep things looking good.”

But don’t think that this means she’d not repeat the experience.

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