Fine Lines: CNC

Fine Lines

The Look: Abbreviated liner at CNC

The Liner Notes: At CNC, an interrupted line of glossy black adorned the lower lash line. Rather than leaving a “blank spot,” Lusine suggests a variation on the look. “Combine two colors—a light and a dark—rather than leaving the lash line bare.” First, create an abbreviated line under the iris using the lighter pencil. Then, apply the darker liner on both sides of the lighter line. “Using a clean small brush, blend the lighter color into the darker color. This will create a diffused line that looks much softer and is more wearable,” Lusine asserts.

Lusine also shares a design of her own: “Use a freshly sharpened pencil liner to create a dotted line on the upper lash line. If you want to get really creative, combine various colors, such as plum, blue and purple.”

(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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