Shaded Lady: The Eyes

Shaded Lady: The EyesArea Two — The Eye

Most women naturally play up the contours of their eyelids with eye shadow. However, there are some slight-of-hand tricks to make those peepers pop further.

Go deeper. Decide the color scheme for the eye, and choose a darker tone within that color family to use on the eyelid crease. “Apply the darker color on the eyelid crease using a small eye shadow brush,” DeSantis explains. “This creates eyelid depth and visually brings the brow bone forward.”

Brush the drama away. It’s all about blending. “Use a clean  shadow brush, and blend the darker shadow you applied in the crease so it doesn’t appear too harsh or dramatic. I like to use a large shadow brush for this,” says DeSantis.

Light her up. Because the brow bone protrudes slightly, playing up this area with a light eye shadow, such as bone or ivory, brings her eye area front and center. “Or, apply highlighter on the brow bone up to the eyebrow. This lends a crisp contrast,” says DeSantis—not to mention a wide-eyed and youthful appearance.

(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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