Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward
Faatemah Ampey
Bella Salon, Minneapolis, MN
Photographer: Buck Holzemer

The Inspiration:
I've always enjoyed the beauty and elegance of the Renaissance era. I wanted the ambience to feel worn, yet decadent. It was important for me to have over-the-top hair and style that was reflective of this period, but still have it beautiful and wearable.  The name of my collection is Slutty Bride. I wanted the viewer to feel the strength and raw emotion of the images. The "Slutty Bride" commands your attention and pulls you in.
The Challenge:
My biggest challenge was the look created on my Asian model, Min Lee. The hair that I incorporated into hers was 28 inches long! I colored the hair three shades to create a faded look. It was no easy task to get the hair moving upward either. The end result looks soft and effortless, but this wasn’t the case.

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