The Frizziness End

Sun-Smarten Up: The Frizziness EndThe Frizziness End

Feeling fuzz-strated during the summer months is all too familiar for those with curly or coarse hair. But, thanks to the drying effects of the sun as well as heightened humidity, fearsome frizz can aggravate most everyone. First order of frizziness: “Remind your client that her hair should be 100% dry before she leaves the house,” says celeb stylist Ted Gibson, owner of NYC’s Ted Gibson Salon and tender of Anne Hathaway’s tresses. “If she touches her hair and it feels the slightest bit damp, she’ll experience frizz.”

Glossing creams, sprays and serums lend much frizz-ease, but as Gibson notes, less is more. “Start off with a small amount (pea size) and work up to a larger amount. Too much tends to weigh hair down.” Steer clear of shine sprays containing alcohol, which can be drying, and serve up products with UV absorbers, which Gibson says will block wind and sun from causing unwanted crimp.

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