Hugh Jackman: Bravura Finish

Hugh Jackman(Photo © Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Bravura Finish

Multitalented stars—Beyoncé and Amanda Seyfried among them—joined host Hugh Jackman for musical numbers that kept up the show’s pace—and FHI Heat provided the exciting hairstyles to match!

Backstage, hair guru Anthony Wilson and a team of 15 stylists created the coifs for the grand-scale production, going for an “Old Hollywood” glamour feel for one of the numbers, complete with top hats and Grace Kelly-inspired ’dos. “It was a timeless look—not exactly period hair,” says Wilson. “FHI’s Hot Sauce was a lifesaver for this style. Usually it might take us about a half-hour to complete this, but with these FHI Heat tools, each stylist finished in about 20 minutes.”

The FHI Heat team sparingly applied its Hot Sauce to Amanda Seyfried’s (far right) glossy blonde hair, and crafted an S-wave ponytail, curling it with the FHI Heat 1.5” Curling Iron.

Key Stylers: FHI Hot Sauce, FHI Heat 1.5” Curling Iron


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