Transformers: One Month Later

One Month Later

We followed up with Armee Jacob and Meredith Turley to see how their makeovers have impacted their lives:

Jacob: The day after the makeover, me and my family went to Disneyland, and no one could believe the transformation! It took a little time to get used to my new hairstyle since it’s so short, but I have a lot more confidence; the cut and color have made me feel so much better about myself. I’m taking more time fixing myself up, and I even purchased a blow dryer!

Turley: I can’t even begin to describe how much I love my new hair. Last week alone, I styled it three different ways—which is a huge coup for me! I’m actually wanting to take the time to create different hairdos, which makes me feel good about myself too. I went to a Lily Allen concert, and I was jumping up and down, and my hair just bounced so lightly—it felt great, not dull and lank at all. And, since it’s been really rainy here in NYC, I have to say I’m very excited for the summer to show off my new haircolor in the sunlight.

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