RUSKin10 Expands With 7 New Shades

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Courtesy of RUSK

RUSK has expanded its RUSKin10 line to include seven new shades that provide myriad color possibilities.

RUSKin10 can be used for root touch-ups, lowlighting, highlighting, root melts and more, adding more express services to save time.

RUSKin10 is formulated with Micro Pigment Technology that deposits color deeply into the cortex. The formula is also infused with five essential amino acids, including arginine, serine, threonine, as well as wheat and soy proteins, that help protect and condition during the color process. Not only does RUSKin10 process in 10 minutes, but it's also worry-free as a nonprogressive color, meaning it can be left on hair longer without fear of overdepositing and going too dark. 

New RUSKin10 shades include:

  • 5A - Light Ash Brown
  • 10S - Ultra-Light Sand Blonde
  • 6S - Dark Sand Blonde
  • 6C - Dark Copper Blonde
  • 6R - Dark Red Blonde
  • 5NN - Light Intense Natural Brown
  • 7NN - Medium Intense Blonde
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