4 Tips to Prepare Your Clients for the Boldest Hair Trend of 2024

Experts at Unilever's All Things Hair share four tips to prepare clients for the boldest hair trend of 2024: red hair.
Experts at Unilever's All Things Hair share four tips to prepare clients for the boldest hair trend of 2024: red hair.
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#redhair has taken over TikTok, with over 9 Billion views, and experts predict the red hair revolution will continue into 2024.

But before stylists grab the red dye, it's crucial to ensure clients understand the commitment involved. Experts at Unilever's All Things Hair advise stylists to have open and honest conversations with clients during color consultations, focusing on the following key points:

1. Red Hair is a Commitment: 

Achieving and maintaining vibrant red hair requires more than just a single salon visit. Clients must be prepared for a long-term process, including regular touch-ups and a dedicated at-home care routine. Experts suggest getting touch-ups every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the shade of red your client chooses and how well their hair takes color. That said, it is important to make sure your clients are okay with spending the time and money necessary to keep their red hair vibrant. As a stylist, you know that red is prone to fading and is more high maintenance than other colors but your clients, especially those new to red might not be aware. 

2. It’s Essential to Adjust Your Routine:

Saying goodbye to daily washes and hello to color-safe products is a must. Clients need to be aware of the changes they'll need to make to their hair care routine to keep their red locks glowing. One part of their routine that will change is wash day since red hair fades quicker than other colors, tell your clients to consider washing their hair only once a week with color-safe products free of sulfates. This is also a great time to educate your clients on how to properly wash their hair because less than 50% of women are correctly washing their hair. Another essential for red hair is heat use a heat protectant when heat styling. Heat styling strips the color from your hair making your once vibrant red locks appear dull and fade quicker. 

Unhealthy Hair Washing InfographicCourtesy of All Things Hair

3. Be Realistic About Your Goals:

Red hair is trendy because there are so many options. Red hair to one person could mean something completely different to another, which is why a consultation for clients who want to go red is essential. To avoid red hair fiascoes, make sure you and your client are on the same page when it comes to their hair color goals, and don’t be afraid to use your expertise when suggesting which shade to go with. We suggest using your client’s undertones to help choose the most flattering red. 

  • Cool Undertones: For clients with cool undertones point them towards a cool-based shade. Copper, burgundy or even ruby reds look great on cool tones.
  • Warm Undertones: Clients with warm undertones should strive for bold, fiery reds that bring out the natural warmth in their skin.
  • Neutral Undertones: Clients with neutral undertones have the freedom to go with cool or warm tones, which is why Auburn is a great way to go for them. It's versatile and can be tailored to fit their hair goals.

4. Damage is Manageable:

While some damage is unavoidable, clients can minimize it by focusing on regular deep conditioning treatments and protective hairstyles.

Editor-in-Chief of All Things Hair, Milena Prinzi shared her tips on how to keep red hair bold and healthy.

“Believe it or not, there’s no magic potion, secret weapon, or salon-only treatment for maintaining your bold hair color vibrant and color-treated hair healthy. The answer is two words: hydration and moisturization. Bleach, which is often applied to achieve bold hair colors like red, sucks off all the natural oils that hydrate your hair strands," Prinzi shares. "To compensate for the lack of moisture, it’s imperative to give it back to the hair through protein-enriched masks, oils, creams and serums. Look for products formulated with nut oils, coconut, jojoba, collagen and keratin since these ingredients are rich in proteins that can reach deep into the hair follicles. Applying these products at least twice a week will slowly hydrate, moisturize and add shine to the hair strands resulting in hair color that looks strong and is soft to the touch.”

With the right knowledge and preparation, hair stylists and their clients can embrace the red hair revolution with confidence.

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