[GIVEAWAY] Fall Colors: Keep Them Hydrated with Malibu C

Beautiful, vibrant colors that play off the changing of the season. Keep your reds hydrated with Malibu C’s Hydrate Color Wellness Collection.

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Take a page from autumn’s book and change your color with the leaves! Malibu C Educator Erica dove into her arsenal of Malibu C products to create this vibrantly timeless look.

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Erica Billingsley’s work speaks for itself. She’s a master when it comes to beautiful -- and healthy -- transitions. Fall colors come naturally as she loves dimensional reds. Erica exclaims, “I love dimensional reds! I always use multiple tones and like to add depth to my red formulations to create a 3D dimensional look.”

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Process breakdown.. 

    1. I started by shampooing with Un-Do-Goo and applying CPR to remove old oxidative color. 

    2. I went in and applied Kenra 4vv demi-permanent hair color with Trionics No Lift to create depth at the root area. Balayaged lighter pieces with Trionics KO blondes, Olaplex, and Lift Thru.      

    3. After stopping oxidation with Malibu De-ox and shampooing with Un-Do-Goo, I went back in and applied Kenra 6rr and 7cc  and Kenra 5R and 6vv Trionics no lift in an alternating pattern throughout the entire head.

    4. I stopped oxidation again with De-ox then went in with a custom color bomb glaze using Olaplex #2 and Joico Vivids for vibrancy!

    5. I finished by shampooing with Malibu C Hydrate Color Wellness shampoo and conditioning with Malibu C Replenish Hair Masque.

    Get the look -- and keep it -- with help from this stellar giveaway includes the Hydrate Color Wellness Collection, De-Ox, CPR, Un-Do-Goo, and Replenish Masque.

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