Pre-Fall Red Alert From Schwarzkopf Professional's Maryl Velbeck

Schwarzkopf Rouge Hair Color

Colorist Maryl Velbeck predicts that a crimson wave will elicit a ripple effect come autumn. Velbeck, who dubbed her cover look “Regal Rouge,” sourced her inspiration from the natural world, channeling the beauty of vividly colored dark red geraniums. The result? A black cherry-esque color melt that’s ripe for the impending season.

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Maryl Velbeck Colorist

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  1. On the model’s natural level seven hair, Velbeck created a base using Igora Royal 7-77 + 7-88.

  2. Triangular partings were formed around the face frame using Igora Royal 4-88 + 4-99 + Igora Royal Booster 0-89.

  3. A triangular section through the top of the head was then given a freehand twisted color melt balayage with alternating strands colored with Igora Royal Fashion Lights L-88 + L-77, twisted together with strands colored with Igora Royal 4-99.

  4. Tresses underneath were kissed with Igora Royal Fashion Lights L-88 + L-77.

  5. or a finishing touch, an overlay of new Igora Vibrance in 0-00 + 7-88 was incorporated for extra shine.

  6. To style, new OSiS+ Topped Up Light Control Gentle Hold Mousse was cocktailed with OSiS+ Session Label Miracle 15 for the ideal mixture of soft, shiny hair with a touch of control.


[Images: photography by Ming H2 Wu; hair by Maryl Velbeck; Makeup by Mei Li]

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