How to Get the Look: Gal Gadot's Balayaged Brunette

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Gal Gadot’s colorist and Master Colorist at Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills, Erick Orellana is dishing on how he achieves her natural brunette color. Natural-looking brunette hair has its tricks, and Orellana says the low maintenance Wonder Woman star wants her color to look natural with minimal upkeep.

Keeping with her California cool vibe, Orellana matches her base just slightly deeper than her natural color, then free-hand balayages for highlights, so it does not look too heavy or streaky.

"Keeping a dark, rich brunette is not just a matter of slapping dark dye on and calling it a day," Orellana said. "I personally like to combine two different levels of color to add depth and richness. I also like using an ash gloss to help give the color shine, tones to a more cooler hue, and adds shine to the hair. Not to mention it also helps seal the all over color I used to prevent fading."

Erick Orellana

To recreate the color, follow this formula:

  1. Natural level 4 with demi-permanent L’Oreal and add a little ash tone at a level 5 with demi-permanent developer
  2. Free hand balayage with lightener with a level 40 developer
  3. Gloss with Redken Shades with clear and a little bit of ash at level 6 to cool the baby highlights and not get rid of them. This also adds shine.

[Bottom Image courtesy of Erick Orellana, top image: Getty]

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