Haircolor How To: 90s Windbreaker by Stephanie Lawrence

Image courtesy of Stephanie Lawrence

Hairstylist and colorist Stephanie Lawrence was recently inspired by the vibrant neon hues of 1990s-era windbreakers when creating this fun, bold hair color for her client. The end result? Ultra-bright pops of magenta, violet, pink and orange that blend seamlessly together. Like the once-popular neon windbreaker, this look is all about standing out. Help your client achieve this gorgeous color with Stephanie's how-to below!

Get the Look:


  • All Nutrient Lightener with 20vol on roots. All Nutrient lightener with 30vol on ends.
  • Violet: Arctic Fox Purple Rain
  • Yellow: Arctic Fox Neon Moon and Cosmic Sunshine
  • Orange: Arctic Fox Sunset Orange mixed with Neon Moon
  • Red: Arctic Fox Wrath mixed with Poison
  • Pink: Arctic Fox Virgin Pink mixed with Wrath and Diluter.


  1. Prelighten the hair to a level 8/9.
  2. Apply your shadow root color for whole head.
  3. Apply all formulas in sand art style. Each section would be 3/4 of an inch wide and 1/2 inch thick. Blend at least two colors on each section.
  4. Rinse and condition in cool water.
  5. Style!

For more from Stephanie, follow her on Instagram @hair_princess_steph.

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