Haircolor How To: Pastel Mermaid by Charlotte Murray


Lppastel1Charlotte Murray, a hairstylist at the UK-based Frockalicious, recently created this gorgeous, pastel mermaid hair color for her client. Says Charlotte, "We wanted to achieve a high-fashion pastelized mermaid feel with pops of pink and yellow complementing each other to create a soft, delicate color. In this case, my client Lydia already had her hair pre-lightened to around a 12 ash, perfect for this kind of soft color." Get Charlotte's color formulas and how-to for the look below!

Lppastel2Get the Look:
1. Instamatic Pink Dream 60mls & Wella Color Touch 6vol (1.9%) 60mls 1:1
2. Instamatic Muted Mauve 30mls + Smokey Amethyst 30mls & Wella Color Touch 6vol (1.9%) 60mls 1:1
3. Instamatic Jaded Mint 30mls & Wella Color Touch 6vol (1.9%) 30mls 1:1
4. Instamatic Ocean Storm 30mls & Wella Color Touch 6vol (1.9%) 30mls 1:1
5. Crazy Color Canary Yellow 30mls

Note: Usually the hair needs to be pre-lightened to at least a 12 ash and sectioned from ear to ear, from the natural parting to the crown, then down the middle back.

1. Apply Formula 4 (Ocean Storm) to all of zone 1 (the root area) and stretch it down to at least 2 inches.

2. Develop for 10 minutess to a dark blue.

3. Apply any formula and smudge it into the blue, then apply another color at the bottom to create 3 different colors in each section. Make sure each color is blended into each other to create a rainbow ombré look.

4. Switch to any color combination or color a compete section one color and switch it up.

5. Leave about a 1-inch section at the top and do that blue so its a seamless transition.

6. Develop for at least 15 minutes, keeping an eye on the hair.

7. Rinse with cold water to stop the colors running and shampoo twice with Wella Color Save Shampoo.

8. Rinse each time with cold water!

9. Apply a Ph balancer and Affinage Summer Survival UV protection conditioner and rinse well.

10. Dry and style at desired

Color, cut and style by Charlotte Murray at Frockalicious

[Images courtesy of Tottie Murray via Facebook]

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