Hair Color How To: Sea Green by Miguel Angel Mike


MainPuerto Rico-based stylist Miguel Angel Mike recently created this gorgeous sea green hair color for his client. Below, he shares the steps you need to recreate the look!

Get the Look:
1. Says Miguel, "I took wide sections and back-combed them (similar to ombré technique).

2. "I made two bleach combinations, one with 20 vol. and another with 40 vol. (Difiaba Deco Max). I began with the 20 vol. bleach mix in the middle of each section and then continued with 40 vol. mix on the ends. This way, I created a smooth, blurred transition from level 9 to level 11.

3. "I mixed equal amounts of Vero Color's Cobalt Blue and Peacock Green (turquoise) and applied it all over the hair in order to achieve uniform shine. This way, you'll obtain a vibrant green in the yellow-y areas (yellow + blue = green), and a deep turquoise blue in the brighter ends."

[Images courtesy of Miguel Angel Mike via Facebook]

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