Hair Color How To: Lovely Lilac by Melissa Emerick


Melissa Emerick, a stylist at Dolce Salon and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona​, recently helped her client transform her faded, purple hair color to this beautiful, multidimensional lilac. Rich purple paired with whispers of silver and bits of lavender result in a stunning final look. Below, Melissa shares how she created this lovely lilac hue.


Says Melissa, "[The client] had multiple lighteners (Flashlift, Goldwell Oxy, Blonde Dimensions) as well as PRAVANA VIVIDS, NEONS, PASTELS and Special Effects - and PLENTY of banding to go along with them! She is a natural level 8, and had about 1 inch of regrowth.

"Step 1: I retouched her with Goldwell Oxy 20 volume.

"Step 2: Starting with the back quadrants, I max foiled her with Goldwell Silk lift Strong 10 vol., moving to the front and increasing my developer [as I moved] forward, ending with 30 volume. I let her process for 35 minutes until her regrowth was a true level 10 - pale yellow.

"Step 3: I washed and towel-dried her, then applied Silk Lift Strong 30 volume to pieces that retained the green pigment, left in her hair and let her process for about 10 minutes.

Color Formula

  • 1st color bowl: Chromasilk PRAVANA Clear with a couple drops of Special Effects Deep Purple and Chromasilk PRAVANA PASTELS Blissful Blue
  • 2nd color bowl: Chromasilk PRAVANA PASTELS Blissful Blue, Special Effects Deep Purple
  • 3rd color bowl: Chromasilk PRAVANA PASTELS Pretty in Pink, Special Effects Deep Purple (swatched on white paper to ensure translucency)

"Step 4: I toned to a neutral level 10 using Redken Shades EQ Gloss 9V and Clear 1:2 ratio​​​​​​​.

"​Step 5: I retouched with the second color (blissful blue and purple) about 1/2-inch off the scalp.

"Step 6: I sectioned out the back from the nape to the parietal ridge and just behind the ears, crown, and front, according to her part.

"Step 7: I hand-painted/balayaged the re-touch color, color-melting the third color to her hair in between the balayage technique.

"Step 8: I applied the first color to 1/4-inch sections in between balayage, feathered down root, color-melting the icy blonde and re-growth. I separated the sections with foil, then put her under a dryer for 20 minutes."

For more from Melissa, follow her on Instagram @mysweet.melissa.

[Images courtesy of Melissa Emerick]

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