Trend Report: Ian Michael Black at Aveda Congress 2013


This year, Aveda Artistic Director for Hair Color, Ian Michael Black, took the tried-and-true ombre trend in a brand new direction for his show at Aveda Congress 2013. Black described his presentation as "a celebration of Avedad Full Spectrum Hair Color," and included bold brunettes, hyper-blonde pastels, futuristic hues and a salon-friendly "color belting" technique that reinterpreted the art of ombre.

According to Black, "hair colorists don't know where to take the ombre trend next. Everyone is used to creating dark roots and lighter ends. Color belting starts with an all-over intense color and adds a band of shine around the hair that retains the tone of the original color, so the hair seamlessly transitions from dark to light to dark."

The new technique only takes ten minutes, making it an ideal hair color add-on in salons, meaning that hair colorists are sure to be delighted. "Add-on hair color is amazing when it's quick, looks on trend, and provides a slightly different perspective on hair color," says Black. "Color belting is an easy, simple way to take ombre to the next level."

How to get the look:

Step 1: Apply an allover intense hair color based on the guest’s desired end result using Full Spectrum™ Permanent Hair Color. Process, rinse, shampoo and blow-dry.

Step 2: Working from the natural parting, take three 4” sections at the crown of the head, using straight partings in the side sections and a semi-circle parting in the back section.

Step 3: Beginning at the bottom of one side section, take medium-density weaves, and determine where to begin color belting on the hair strand.
NOTE: The application should align with the facial features you want to accentuate.    

Step 4: Place foil underneath the subsection, and apply a “belt” of Enlightener™ Powder Lighter and 5 Volume Color Catalyst™ onto a few inches of the hair, saturating the hair completely.

Step 5: Turn the hair color brush vertically, and feather the color at the top and bottom of the “belt.” Place notches in the foil where the application begins and ends to use as a guide for the remaining placements.    

Step 6: Continue throughout the entire section, taking finer weaves as you move toward the top subsections. Repeat the color belting application in the remaining side and back sections.

Step 7: Process for 10 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and perform the appropriate Botanical Therapy hair treatment.
[Images courtesy of Aveda]

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