Eufora on the Move

New Building Photo
Courtesy of Eufora International

Beth Bewley, CEO and cofounder of Eufora International, has announced the company's plan for expansion.

Eufora has acquired a new building in Carlsbad, California to house Eufora Headquarters and the relocation of Eufora Shipping and Receiving to Las Vegas.

The recently acquired Carlsbad facility has been undergoing extensive renovations in preparation for a late July 2021 move. Once completed, the new Eufora Headquarters will house an expanded corporate office, and will also become the new home of The Eufora Advanced Training Academy, where in-person training will resume in fall 2021.

The Las Vegas warehouse location was selected to provide more warehouse space, but also to get Eufora nearer a distribution hub that could improve shipping time to customers. Eufora Shipping and Receiving will begin operations in Las Vegas on July 19, 2021. 

"Eufora is on the move," says Bewley. "As we continue to grow, we must constantly be exploring business improvements and opportunities, not just in our product portfolio, but also in education, salon support and customer care that are all critical to our company vision and mission. Keeping this in mind, it only made sense to take advantage of the opportunity to secure our own building with the right space and environment to house Eufora for the long term."

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