The 5 Most Popular Hairstyles of 2021

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As of this year, Cosmetify resports that the hair industry has been estimated to be worth $94.92 billion.

Cosmetify has released its 2021 Hair Report, which highlights some of the biggest brands, hair influencers and more.

Here are some of Cosmetify's findings:

Top 5 Most Popular Hairstyles of 2021 (Most Searched)

  • The Mullet
  • Waves
  • Wings
  • Curtains
  • Extensions (*not truly a style in Beauty Launchpad's opinion, but it's on the report) 

Top 5 Styles with the Biggest Search Increase

  • Curtain Bang
  • The New Pixie
  • Layered Locks
  • Modern Mullet
  • Middle Parting

Check out Cosmetify's full report.

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