Eufora Unveils Planet-Friendly Activations

Tyson Beach Clean Up
Tyson Beach Clean Up

Eufora is embracing its green roots with a reinvigorated sustainability committee, appropriately dubbed Team Green. 

The team is led by Eufora brand manager Liz Danzigwho hosts bi-weekly virtual meetings to discuss both local and global concerns. Danzig reignited the committee with her personal passion for planet-friendly practices. 

1st Annual Eufora Clothing Exchange1st Annual Eufora Clothing Exchange

“Given the Eufora people- and planet-friendly philosophy and clean beauty platform, it only made sense to expand the reach of our sustainability committee. It is our responsibility to create good global karma, protecting the planet for future generations,” says Danzig.

On a local level, Team Green hosts beach and community cleanups. 

Eufora also launched its first-ever Clothing Exchange, where Eufora staffers were invited to bring in clean, gently worn clothing. Team Green catalogued all the clothes, then assigned socially distanced viewing times to everyone at headquarters who wanted to shop the new company store. Items that weren’t selected during the Exchange were donated to the Women’s Resource Center in Oceanside, California.

Team Green has been instrumental in eliminating the use of plastic plates, cups and serveware in the building, shifting to more sustainable materials such as paper and bamboo.

Team Green also initiated a partnership with TerraCycle to collect cigarettes, making it easy for smokers to dispose of cigarettes in a safe and eco-friendly fashion. Contents of filled receptacles go back to TerraCycle where tobacco paper is separated out and composted. Filters are repurposed and used to create various types of plastics. Eufora has diverted more than 14,500 cigarettes from landfills and streets, to date.

Eufora Salons that are GreenCircle Certified have diverted more than 1,713,476 pounds of salon waste from landfills and waterways.

To stay in the know and learn more about the Eufora planet-friendly philosophy, click HERE

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