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As a way to stay engaged with members and provide insight to the beauty industry as a whole, Intercoiffure America Canada has launched a podcast entitled ICA Podcast 9. 

The goal of ICA Podcast 9 is to provide insightful information about the industry to members and non-members of Intercoiffure America Canada. The guests are primarily members of the organization, although sometimes it features outside experts who have a connection to the group. The weekly podcast interviews are lively, open, and topical to current situations. Topics of focus surround business, education and industry inspiration.

“I felt that the experiences ICA members and partners had to share as they work to navigate this pandemic should be shared with the entire industry,” says Sheila Zaricor-Wilson, ICA President. “The podcast is a great way to offer the entire industry substantial information for growth and inspiration, as well as open the door to network with one another personally.”

Recent guests include Anna Pacitto, Karen Gordon, Michael Haase, and Zane Hagy. Topics already online include ways to build culture, grow the business, navigate COVID, incorporate analytics into your marketing and public relations, and much more.

Links to the the audio via Apple Podcasts or Spotify can be found at

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