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Utah’s legislature gave final approval to a blow dry styling deregulation bill. As currently drafted, SB 87 would create a licensure exemption for individuals who solely “dries, styles, arranges, dresses, curls, hot irons, shampoos, or conditions” without cutting, dying or “applying reactive chemicals to straighten, curl, or alter the structure of the hair.”  The bill does however require these practitioners to obtain a “hair safety permit” by completing a safety program that is not more than two hours in length and passing an examination.  


AB 492 would expand cosmetology student externships by permitting a student to work as a paid extern upon completion of at least 25% of the clock hours required for graduation in the course.  Under current law, a cosmetology student can work as an unpaid extern after competing at least 60% of the clock hours required for graduation in the course.
California externs also receive clock hour credit toward graduation that AB 292 would increase from the current maximum of 10 percent of program length to a maximum of 25 percent of program length.

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