The Top 10 Hair and Beauty Searches of 2020

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Google has released its list of top U.S. Google searches for 2020, and—to no one’s surprise—Americans were really missing their hairstylists this year.

The Top 10 Beauty How-to Searches

  1. How to cut men’s hair at home
  2. How to plop hair
  3. How to color your hair at home
  4. How to wash your hands
  5. How to style curtain bangs
  6. How to cut women’s hair
  7. How to do knotless braids
  8. How to fade hair
  9. How to trim your own hair
  10. How to dermaplane

The Top 6 Hairstyling Searches

  1. How to style curtain bands
  2. How to style curly hair
  3. How to style box braids
  4. How to style long hair men
  5. How to style long hair
  6. How to style curly hair men 
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