The Benefits of CBD in the Lash and Brow Arena

Cbd Makeup Products

By now you’ve likely heard the hype about cannabidiol (aka CBD oil), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants that touts benefits including pain relief and anti- aging—and it’s no surprise the beauty world has also taken notice. Now, since President Trump signed into law the Farm Bill last December, which includes the legalization of industrial hemp (the strain of cannabis that is used to create CBD), the doors have opened to widespread production of CBD products. Popping up in skincare, ranging from bath bombs and lip balms to sleep masks and serums, the ingredient has been praised as much for its ability to reduce acne and treat psoriasis and dry skin as it has for its pain-relieving, antiaging and anti-inflammation benefits. The next logical stop for this multifaceted elixir: makeup. Vegan brand Milk Makeup has brought CBD oil to the lash and brow arena with its Kush High Volume Mascara and Kush Brow Gel formulas, which use the oil as an alternative to beeswax. Not only does it act as a binding agent, it also conditions and hydrates while promising zero stiffness and flakes, smoother application and easier removal. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more of this intoxicating ingredient move into lash and brow services.


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