Canvas Recruit Launches Beauty-Focused Business Platform

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Canvas Recruit, the beauty industry’s latest recruitment, education, and networking platform, will provide cosmetology students and salon and spa professionals with the ability to create beautiful digital canvases (aka digital resumes), apply for job openings, and collaborate with like-minded professionals. This multifunctional platform will help bridge the gap and connect beauty professionals and beauty students with business owners looking to hire. Not only that, but it will empower salon and spa owners/managers to make better hiring decisions for their specific culture, thus decreasing turnover.

For the Business Owner:

Salon and spa owners can browse beauty profiles based on custom filters and business requirements to match with professionals that fit all of their qualifications regarding business needs. If a salon is searching for someone with a strong retail game, they can filter canvases by service to retail percentage; If they are looking for someone with a consistent client base, there is a search by candidates frequency of visit.

Additionally, business owners can create business canvases, post job listings, network and learn from the industry’s best leaders. Canvas Recruit will not only allow owners to fill their chairs more efficiently, but the platform will help find the right talent for the best cultural fit. This creates a better work environment and reduces turnover.

For the Beauty Student or Professional:

Canvas Recruit is a platform for making a career move, but that’s not all. Professionals can create a digital resume as a representation of their work. They can connect and collaborate with other professionals in the beauty space to grow skill sets and experience.

“Our purpose is to empower and inspire beauty professionals everywhere to find the best career opportunities, to gift professionals with content that will better their careers and enhance their craft and to make professional business connections that create monumental career opportunities for beauty professionals all around the world,” says Jen Martinelli, co-founder of Canvas Recruit. “I wholeheartedly understand what it’s like to be in a role that doesn’t resonate with the core essence of who you are, and so this purpose, this platform, is truly from a place in my heart. Find. Your. People.”

Whether you’re in cosmetology school or going on your 20th year working in beauty, Canvas Recruit will help its members remain focused throughout their career by sharing vital business education and putting a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence. Canvas Recruit will provide a much-needed recruitment platform that truly represents the beauty space while being committed to delivering professional growth and personal enlightenment.

To learn more and create your canvas now, beauty professionals can visit the website and follow Canvas Recruit Instagram & on Facebook. Also, beauty professionals can tag #Canvasrecruit to be featured on Instagram.

[Image courtesy of Canvas Recruit]

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