Interview: Gina Fredrickson & Brett Nelson Talk Lip Plumping with JuvaLips


In the last few years, plumped up lips has been one of the most talked about trends in the beauty world. Many celebrities and influencers have sought out ways to make their pout appear fuller and in an effort to achieve the look, some have turned to medical procedures for lip augmentation such as injections. Kylie Jenner is one example that is hard to miss. While this trend may be popular, not everyone is comfortable with the risks or price tag. This is why the team behind JuvaLips aspired to create a natural lip plumper device to achieve the look of fuller lips, without having to turn to painful topical acids or injections. We spoke to JuvaLips CEOs Gina Fredrickson and Brett Nelson to learn more. Gina started her career in the beauty industry over 10 years ago with Aveda and has been passionate about the industry ever since. Brett is an engineer who has been designing and manufacturing medical devices for over 20 years. 


Why did you start JuvaLips? 

Gina saw the need and market demand for a natural lip plumping device that worked better than the ones that were currently on the market.  She had the idea that there had to be a better idea for natural lip plumping than the little self suction devices that are on the market or shot glasses that the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was exploiting.  Then the prototype design of the electronic device exceeded expectations and people loved it so much that it was inevitable that we had to bring it to market!

Where do you see the company in 5 years?  

Our mission and our vision is to create and provide the best all natural lip plumping options available in the world. We are well on our way with our first device, and we have many more ideas and concepts for additional beauty enhancing items that we are anxious to begin development on.  As these products are introduced it will expand our sales presence and the next step would be to also enter into retail sales (when the time is right).  

What do you believe should best be known of your product other than the action of what it does? 

That it is all natural and is completely safe to use. Also, for those thinking about getting lip injections, they can try it and decide if they like the look BEFORE actually getting lip injections, or decide that Juvalips gives them what they need naturally. Also, they can try it risk free, because of the 30 day money back guarantee.

What you would say to someone who cannot achieve that plump lip look that is desired?

We find that about 5% of the people that try Juvalips may not see the results they were hoping for. Often it is the result of not playing around with it or trying enough techniques. It takes a little skill and craftiness to extract the true potential out of the device. We offer many helpful hints and suggestions for this, and once people try them we find less than a 2% return or dissatisfaction rate.

What business tactics were hardest to make this product come to fruition?

The long product development cycle (two years) was probably the biggest challenge, as you want to bring it to market as quickly as you can, but you also want to make it perfect and make sure that it is safe and reliable. That requires a great deal of extra cost as well.  But in the end, I feel we have accomplished all this and the device works great, is safe, and our defect rate is virtually zero!

Can people repetitively use this product daily with no adverse effects or long term deficits?

Yes, we have many people that have been using the product daily for over a year, and there are no negative side effects. The only affect is that the results last much longer and the need to plump your lips is reduced to where you may only need to do it every few days.

When is plumping too much?

When it affects your speech!

Is this a tool that would be useful for professional makeup artists?

We have a couple make artists that have tried it on their clients and they have loved it!

[Images courtesy of JuvaLips]

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