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Many men have misconceptions about men’s grooming services, primarily that certain looks and services can only be performed in barbershops and others limited to a salon environment. Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa, interviews David Boyd, Sam Villa ArTeam member and owner of Absinthe Hair and Grooming Parlour (, on how to develop men’s grooming services. 


“Barbershop styles are a hot trend and will be for a while, but the average guy looking through GQ will see these types of looks and think they have to go to a barber, unless hairdressers watch for these trends and preemptively educate themselves on the techniques…and ultimately share that knowledge with their clientele. Use consultation time, social media, whatever it takes. We don’t want hairdressers limiting themselves or possibly losing guests because of the traditional division between barber style and salon style… it’s all hairdressing when it comes down to it,” says Carruthers.

Boyd suggests creating a Look Book. “Many people think the only images you can have in your look books are those that you’ve created, but that isn’t so. You can feature images that inspire you and are representative of the type of work you are capable of doing, even though they may have been created by someone else. As you evolve you can document the looks you have created and add them to your book,” explains Boyd. Check out Boyd’s Instagram for inspiration:

“It’s also important to have your images reflect your personal style to attract guests who have a similar aesthetic, but in addition, you should be on trend and offer a variety of styles to broaden your reach,” he adds.

If you’re interested in learning more about developing men’s business, sign up for Carruthers class, Gentlemen's Artistry – it focuses on creating vintage looks with modern artistry, via hands on fresh concepts in men's hair design.  For more information or to book a class visit

[Video courtesy of Glow Communications]


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