Trends in Hair Styles: Cherry Petenbrink's Black & White

Joico Guest Artist Cherry Petenbrink knows a thing or two when it comes to styling wigs. “I have two clients who still fly out from Georgia to get their wigs set and styled by me,” says the stylist, whose hairpiece know-how helped her color hundreds of wigs for The Hunger Games.

She also knows a thing or two about working with extensions: “The model, Jordan, actually had a chin-length black bob to begin with,” Petenbrink laughs. “I wanted her hair to have a bit more body and length.” What she hadn’t fully mastered prior to shooting Black & White was actually how to do an editorial photo shoot! “Zachary [Tristan, the photographer] and I started working together just for fun. He wanted to improve his photography and I wanted to hone in on my editorial work,” Petenbrink explains. “What started with, ‘Let’s play around and see what we come up with,’ has taken off—we just finished a shoot for GQ India!” As they say, practice makes perfect.

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Hair styling and coloring: Cherry Petenbrink; photography: Zachary Tristen/



“For an image to work, it has to look interesting from every angle to create a conversation,” Petenbrink says. “Always create an interesting shape—it can be a triangle or a rectangle, but make sure that it isn’t perfectly symmetrical.”



A $10,000 Chanel jacket was the impetus behind this Marie Antoinette–inspired look. “I wanted to make this style look retro with an avant-garde touch,” Petenbrink relates.



Petenbrink created these wigs herself by sewing several different pieces together. “Styling a synthetic wig happens either with wet setting or steaming, such as a clothing steamer, which can easily help you restructure the shape,” Petenbrink reveals.

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