Fall Makeup Trends VIDEO: Red Lipstick Is Your Friend

Say goodbye to summer pastels, here’s how to get perfect day-to-night luscious, red lips perfect for fall!

We’ve all seen the perfect red lips on the red carpet. But during the cooler, crisp days of fall, the right red lips can make even the most casual attire look put together and polished. However, choosing a red lipstick can be intimidating. Jennifer Bradley celebrity makeup artist and founder of Jennifer Bradley Medical Grade Skincare and Cosmetics says, “Don't fear, red lipstick is your friend!  If you have always wanted to wear a red lip from day to night, here are my quick tips that will make this your easiest fashion accessory.”

1) Start with a brown/warm lip liner with earth tones. Line and fill in the lip entirely, as if you were going to wear the lip liner as your lip color. I suggest using Rosewood or Malted Mauve from my line. Then apply a warm red lipstick -- the lip liner will tone the lipstick down and keep it in place all day or night. And it looks attractive next to any skin tone.

2) Always choose a more earthy or warm toned red lipstick. I have found that warmer tones look best on most of my clients when it comes to the perfect red. My personal favorite red is a color that I have worn for years, called Bronze Gold, from my line. It is always my "go to" red when I want that Hollywood pout.

3) Always hydrate lips. I have this little "secret" product that I use to really deeply hydrate and plump my lips called Luscious Lip Plumper that I use daily after I apply lipstick and also before I go to bed. It uses peptides to smooth and make the lips look fuller, but without the agitation that other product lines have.

These steps will keep your lipstick on for hours and give that "just plumped up" appearance without a visit to the doctor!

[Image: Thinkstock/Photodisc; Video courtesy of Simply The Best Public Relations]

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