Andis Nation Barber Scholarship Through Paul Mitchell Schools

Paul Mitchell

Andis Company, an industry leader in men’s grooming tools and education, is now accepting applications for the Andis Nation Barber Scholarship to the Barbering Program at Paul Mitchell Schools. Continuing its commitment to education, Andis will offer four, partial scholarships to aspiring barbers – two cosmetologists continuing their education to become licensed barbers and two new students will receive the awards.

“Andis is humbled to play a pivotal role in empowering future professionals through our partnership with Paul Mitchell Schools’ highly respected program,” said Karen Formico, Vice President of Marketing. “Our goal is to aid aspiring barbers on their journey toward a successful career in this fast- growing industry.”

Andis and Paul Mitchell will co-launch the scholarship program on their Facebook and Instagram channels. Applicants will be judged by a panel of men’s grooming experts from both Andis and Paul Mitchell. Judging criteria will include essays on motivation to become a barber, community involvement and previous work experience or transferable skills applicable to the industry. Applications will be completed via an online form at: Deadline to submit all applications for the scholarship is October 29.

The pursuit of a barbering education through Paul Mitchell Schools is comprised of a multifaceted curriculum featuring hands-on technical training to foster creativity and the development of fundamental business skills. With 27 Paul Mitchell barber school locations in the United States, aspiring barbers will have the opportunity to pursue their careers locally within their communities. Graduates will receive a strong educational foundation, and the long-standing reputation associated with the Paul Mitchell name, as they launch their careers and transition from student to industry professional. For more information on Paul Mitchell Schools’ Barbering Program and to find school locations, visit

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