Texture Triumphs: MIZANI Celebrates 25 Years

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Hair envy can be positive — a motivator for hairspo on one hand, but a cause for frustration on the other. As César Ramirez, Global Artistic Director for MIZANI, puts it, “You think the grass is greener on the other side but it doesn’t have to be. You could wake up today and have curly hair and wake up tomorrow and have straight hair, that’s what I truly love about this brand—you’re not stuck anymore,” he muses.  

As a brand, MIZANI has reason to celebrate. After 25 years of tackling texture, the company is ahead of the game and in a prime position to educate others. “Our goal is to make sure that not only do we have the products for textured hair, but that our stylists are texture experts,” says Kate Oechsle, Director of Education.

Cesar Girls

To spread the message that texture triumphs, MIZANI hosted their 25th anniversary celebration on a beautiful NYC rooftop during sunset. Defined by the hashtag #freedomtostyle, César and Kate presented the latest campaign and new Styling Renaissance collection to an audience full of texture savvy attendees, including the brand’s muses, Chanel Iman, Maria Borges, Grace Mahary and Heidy De la Rosa. Each girl represents the range of hair types perfect for MIZANI.

“Texture starts from straight hair to the curliest hair,” César commented. “When stylists are educated about each texture they can provide a product that’s perfect for the individual’s hair.” MIZANI works off the “Curl Key” which classifies 8 hair types, from straight all the way up to the tightest coils. Clients with every hair texture will benefit from the product line, which features Monoi Oil to repair damage and protect from heat. “As a professional we have to get client’s hair to a really healthy state and teach them. It’s about listening to the client, listening to their needs, and really providing that in the products,” César added.

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