Paul Mitchell Honors Veterans with Makeovers that Matter

Makeovers That MatterOn November 9th, 2015, Paul Mitchell teamed up with Orly and Makeovers That Matter to provide makeovers and job interview advice to female veterans. John Paul DeJoria spoke to the veterans about his inspiring journey and how he transformed his life for the better. DeJoria, who has a personal connection to veterans since he is a navy veteran, explained how he went from being homeless to working hard to become a successful businessman. He offered the veterans insightful tips for applying for jobs and interviewing to help them as they rejoin the work force.

Five Job Interview Tips for Veterans from John Paul DeJoria:

1. Be prepared for rejection.

2. Let employers know that you follow orders well and can follow through.

3. Look the employers in the eye when you meet them.

4. Stand up straight and show confidence with your presence.

5. No matter how many interviews you have been on, act just as enthusiastic about the job as you did on the first one.

ConsultationThe Paul Mitchell team at Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks joined Makeovers That Matter to transform the veterans with beautiful makeovers to help them look and feel great!  In addition to the annual Veterans Day Makeover Event, Makeovers That Matter offers female veterans a holistic education to prepare them for civilian life through their free Mindset Program classes and local events. Makeovers That Matter’s goal is to arm female veterans with a body, mind, and spirit approach to their own empowerment, enabling them to flourish in the workplace, at home and in the community with style.

Watch one of the emotional makeovers in action:

Check out some of the makeovers:

Makeover Pm1

Makeover Pm2Makeover Pm3

The Afters:

Makeover 0

[Images and video courtesy of Paul Mitchell]

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