Actionable Tips for Salon Sustainability

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“Sustainability” and “eco-consciousness” are more than just buzzwords—in fact, there has arguably never been a better time to consider going green if you’re part of the beauty industry. That’s because according to the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Wisconsin, salons in the United States alone dump more than 150 million tons of plastic chemicals, unrecycled foil and bottles into water systems and landfills every year. “The waste from salons, including hair, metals and excess color, is causing detrimental damage to the environment,” says Shane Price, founder and CEO of Green Circle Salons. “Hair can’t break down in a landfill, while metals—like aluminum foils, color tubes and cans—also impact climate change.” Luckily, there are ways for salons to become more sustainable and enact initiatives that positively impact our planet. Here’s how.

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