How To Connect with the People Who Are Looking for You


It’s been a tough year. California salons were closed for months, due to the pandemic. I hope everyone was able to reopen, but keeping up with rent, utility, insurance, and other fixed expenses would have been hard, if there was no other income source than your salon. So some just weren’t able to manage it and have gone out of business for good.

So if your salon is still open, count your blessings.

Even so, after over a year of pandemic quarantine and the economic devastation it caused, rebooting your business and clawing your way back to normal is going to take some extra effort and ingenuity. We’re going to need all the resources we can muster.

If there ever was a time to “upskill,” this is it. Now is the time to take our natural-born stylist creativity to the next level and embrace digital technology and max out all its possibilities.

Here’s the thing. If a bunch of salons are unable to reopen, chances are some of them (and their former clients) are near you. Those clients are going to be looking for a new place to go for their hair services. They’ve been quarantined for a year and have had no salon to go to for their regular cuts, color, and human contact, so there’s a pent-up demand for you and your skills.

They’re looking for you, and you’re looking for them. But how are they going to find you?

Right now, I’m beta testing a new service that can link you together. It helps hair salons and stylists get more people calling them by driving traffic to their businesses.

I’m a salon owner and hair stylist, turned web developer, who once had to solve this problem for myself.

In 2007, I had so many clients that I needed to work seven days a week to service them all and was making enough money to actually accumulate some savings in reserve.

Then came the economic downturn. Business dried up, as people started saving money by doing their own hair instead of coming to the salon. I was able to float along for a while on the savings I had accumulated, but one day my savings were completely gone.

It was time to pay the rent, and as I checked my bank balance that day, I realized that not only was my comfortable savings cushion gone, but if I had written a check for the rent, it would have bounced.

I was flying with no safety net. Sailing with no life jacket. I still had fixed expenses to pay, and I was determined to stay in business. But how would I weather the storm and stay afloat until the economy got better?

I went online and heard fantastic stories about people making thousands of dollars in their own internet businesses. I attended webinar after webinar that captured my imagination, and one of them had a sales pitch so powerful that it lured me into parting with $1500 I didn’t have, in an attempt to recoup the savings I had lost so quickly.

I bought the program on my credit card, with money I didn’t have, and gave it my all, day in and day out, for the six weeks they said it would take to start making my money back.

Well, it didn’t work for me. So now what?

I was out on a limb and terrified the branch was about to break and hurl me into a financial abyss so deep I might never climb out of it. Now, not only did I not have any savings, but I was also in debt. I had no idea what to do next.

One day, clutching at straws, I followed a link on Twitter that led me to a web developer who was cracking the code of Google’s algorithm, making websites that rose to the top of the search engines. I signed up for his program, and when he announced he was forming a team to help people make websites like this, I was more than interested. I was, by this time, desperate.

Most people on the team were interested in the technical aspects, and no one seemed to want to do the part that required composing the actual content people would see when they went to the website.

He said he was looking for someone with a mastery of English. Recalling that my high school SAT score on the verbal side was in the high 700s (out of 800) – the top 5% — I piped up and said, “That would be me.”

Long story short, he made me part of the team, and now, over ten years later, my content appears on over 900 websites, and this method has evolved to be exponentially more effective than any other for propelling websites to the top of the search engines.

Coincidentally, we seem to have come full circle in terms of the economy. Due to covid, many people are experiencing economic hardship, and more and more businesses find themselves searching for some way to take advantage of online resources to operate their businesses. And what do they need to do that? An ultra-high-performing website that ranks highly and quickly on Google.

Recognizing that I’m in a position to help this time around, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about creating websites like this that show up in the search engines and enable people to find you when they’re looking for a new stylist to replace the one they’ve lost.

Right now, I’m beta testing this service, designed to connect you with the people who are looking for you. At the moment, I’m taking an educated guess that this might be a service that’s needed.

So I need you to let me know if I’m on the right track. Could you use this kind of help to get your business back to normal?

I know when I was first building my business up to a sustainable level, I spent hundreds of dollars a month for promotion and advertising, to find the people who were looking for me. Some salons spend thousands.

As a solopreneur just starting out, I didn’t have that kind of money. But a good $4-500 a month introduced me to enough new people that many of them stuck around to become regulars. Some of them have now been with me for over 25 years.

Would you like to join me in my beta test to drive more new people to your salon?

In my experience, I’ve found that most people don’t want to drive more than eight miles or so to get to the salon of their choice. So I’m limiting the participants in my beta test to salons that are at least this far apart, so the beta testers aren’t competing with each other.

So if I have to choose between two participants located close to each other, I’ll give priority to the one who contacted me first.

When the beta test is completed and all the kinks are ironed out, I expect the service to be worth at least $500 a month, maybe more for densely populated locations.

But to get set up in the beta test won’t even cost you half that much. Participation in the beta test will only cost $49 a month, and this includes one-on-one consultation time with me for technical support.

As a reward for taking fast action, I guarantee to lock in that price for as long as you want to continue with the service after the beta test is over.

So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to spend the next 30 days with me in a beta test to connect you with the people who are looking for you.

Contact me via Scroll down to use the contact for email, or use the “Click to Text” button, if you prefer to text me.

Let’s use all the online resources at our command to work together on getting back to normal. We can do this. All you have to do is contact me to join the beta test today. And we’ll go from there.

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