Put Technology to Work for YOU!

A salesperson working in an office on a virtual call

Well, it’s been quite a year of change and adaptation, and actually, a lot of it has been good! I’m talking specifically about my own personal learning curve with the use of my cameras, laptops and every other piece of equipment necessary for effective virtual teaching. If you’d like to teach more, or even begin teaching for the first time, it is quite easy and comfortable to do online. And because so much training shifted to online during Covid, it is destined to stay, most likely in a hybrid model with live courses. I am actually planning to teach a Blonding class over the summer that will be both in person and online. If you’re a beauty educator, it’s imperative that you learn the ins and outs of camera work. I asked a friend, who happens to be an experienced cameraman, to help us out with my very first virtual classes. After a short time, I realized that we could purchase our own equipment and produce the classes ourselves!

If you are looking to offer more classes virtually, invest in equipment that allows you a quality experience and make sure you have a high-quality WIFI connection. Equipment might include a quality laptop, iPhone and/or iPad with a nice microphone. Invest in a computer or mobile device that you will have for a while and that is capable of growing with you in terms of memory and speed capacity.  Also, it’s a really good time to get comfortable with the Zoom app, and/or others like Microsoft Teams (Zoom isn’t the only one!). There is a wealth of information available online to teach you how to perform the most effective training in a Zoom format. You want to make sure that you look and sound like the professional you are. Whether you are training or attending a training, you want to make sure you look your best on screen. Executives I know have stated that they lose respect for their people who show up sloppily groomed on Zoom. It’s important!

There are other ways to use technology to assist you with your business. With everything now being online, be certain that you aren’t missing out on email marketing with apps like Mailchimp! Email marketing is extremely important right now during the pandemic and will continue to be important. All hairdressers should have an email list of clients – it is quite valuable! Get your client list together and save it somewhere safe and secure. Once you have a complete list, take an online training with Mailchimp and email your clients the latest about you and your online trainings! You can also send them emails with information on how to book their next appointment, or how to keep their hair looking its best between salon visits.  You can create special offers while sharing beautiful hair imagery and information on the latest trends. Take a look through your own contacts or your LinkedIn friends. You may just know someone who can help you out with ideas to better market your business.

The bottom line of all of this is to use current technology to your advantage. In addition to social media marketing, seek out ways to better understand how to take your talent to the next level by sharing it with others online!  Learn about it, get used to it and embrace it! Get started, dive in, and maybe, just maybe you’ll have a little fun along the way!

Learn everything about blonding – including his signature technique – in Marco’s upcoming virtual Hollywood Blondes presentation on June 7. It’s free, go to https://app.livestorm.co/stylecare-education/marco-pelusi-hollywood-blondes to register! See you there!

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