Social Media’s Role in Adding Wellness to Your Salon

Social media and digital online concept, woman using smartphone and show technology icon.
Social media and digital online concept, woman using smartphone and show technology icon.

Being a salon professional can be stressful on the body and mind. Long hours standing, contorting, and little (or no) breaks can lead to multiple maladies. Aching muscles, inflamed joints, weight gain, and poor nutrition often come into play when your main job is taking care of others and not spending time on yourself.

Beauty school taught us about keeping the right posture to prevent back pain and muscle aches, but it’s also important to implement exercise and nutrition on your daily to-do list as well to make sure you stay healthy and able to work your crazy schedule for many years to come. 

When you live a fast paced life, and spend a lot of time online, social media makes sense to keep you motivated and accountable for your wellness routine. A lot of diets and exercise plans are far too strict which result in failure pretty quickly. Start out small and incorporate social media to add wellness and camaraderie into your salon.

A few simple ideas to incorporate social media and technology into your wellness plan include:

Create a group chat for your staff to check in with each other and act as an accountability tool. Wellness plans have a much higher success rate when you have an accountability partner. 

  • Offer a reward for whomever (or group) completes the most activity (miles, classes, etc) and share the winner on your social media pages.
  • Create games and check in via social media for friendly competition.
  • Add each other on apps such as Strava or Fitbit to inspire motivation.
  • Set a daily move goal for the whole salon (those trips to the shampoo bowl totally count).

Create a group to share healthy recipes and what everyone is doing to stay active. 

  • The beauty industry can certainly take a toll on your health, if you let it.  Making wellness fun and inviting staff and team members to work together to achieve goals via social media can make an otherwise daunting task fun. Stay active, and motivate one another!


Zane Hagy


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