Continued Education……not an option, a MUST!


“Continual learning is a concept we all need to focus on as we advance in our careers. We simply cannot afford to think we know it all.”

Bottom line…education is everything! From learning how to shampoo hair to perfecting the most advanced hair color and haircutting techniques, it is imperative for someone in the professional beauty industry to stay on top of their craft by participating in continued education. It’s all about honing your fundamental craft while at the same time learning the latest trends in order to deliver the cut or color each client desires. 

Even for those with an extreme amount of raw talent, the basic foundation of cutting and coloring is a must. Take, for example, the creation of an amazing unstructured haircut. This look can be quite cool, however, if you lack either structure or discipline, it will be very difficult to pull it off. You need the foundation and the proper tools to be free to be unstructured.

In the professional beauty industry, continued education can take on many forms. It can incorporate in-person or online hair cut/color classes, business classes, product knowledge courses and something imperative in today’s landscape, Social Media. We should all ask ourselves, what are we lacking professionally in our careers and what do we need help with? Identifying our weaknesses will help us to strengthen ourselves and allows us to focus on areas to improve upon. With the plethora of free online classes in addition to more focused, skilled classes from well-known pros that may require a fee, there is no excuse to sit back and let your education lull while others are progressing forward. 

Continual learning is a concept we all need to focus on as we advance in our careers. We simply cannot afford to think we know it all. I try to view all facets of my life as an education. It’s hard, sometimes, as a seasoned professional, to let go of the ego and learn. But in today’s world, you have no choice if you want to be able to grow, compete and stay relevant. So, set the ego aside so you can soak up new information.

Personally, I love teaching! I teach young and old, newbies and seasoned pros alike. However, I also need to stay open to new information myself, and new ways of doing things. A huge learning curve for me has been my recent pathway into virtual teaching. I had to stay open and learn new methods of communication. We all must do this in order to take the next step in our careers. Life won’t just let you tread water…you’ve got to swim!

By the way, the one who talks the most, learns the most. So, if you want to learn, become a teacher! You’ll end up learning so much, because you are forced to convey it to others in a manner that is both interesting and effective! Try it… Give, mentor, and give some more!

If you’re interested in a training that will take place in the very near future, please join me in my upcoming virtual Red Carpet Reds Hands On experience on March 29, 2021. Visit I’d be honored!  See you in class! 

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