Tammira Launches Timely Beauty and Wellness Platform

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“Tammira seeks to create a space for all looks, styles, genders and ethnicities” 

Tammira, Inc, a beauty and wellness online marketplace,recently launched its mobile app. Tammira’s platform matches beauty and wellness professionals with consumers for personalized, one-to-one video sessions, creating a much-needed solution for beauty and wellness professionals currently low on in-person clientele due to the pandemic. One of eight winners of SXSW Interactive’s Annual 2020 Student Startup Madness Competition, Tammira has built a turnkey solution for booking sessions, making payments and joining video sessions that best fits each consumer’s preferences and values. Tammira “Personalizers” are matched with and provide highly tailored and personalized content and video sessions for Tammira “Learners”. These are consumers who can book on demand or future one-to-one video sessions as well as create profiles and share content. This perfect-fit matching is all done through Tammira’s GenCode algorithm, which allows Learners to find the right fit for their style, budget and schedule. At the heart of Tammira’s marketplace is a community fostered by authentic and empowering virtual interactions. As more and more consumers, particularly teenagers and young adults, are using social media and other online platforms for beauty and wellness, Tammira seeks to create a space for all looks, styles, genders and ethnicities, including underrepresented or underserved communities. Staci Dao, Founder of Tammira and an immigrant woman of color, is dedicated to ensuring all lovers of skincare, beauty and wellness–especially people of color, individuals with unique skin conditions and LGBTQ–have equal access to tools, products and services. She states, “My hope is to bring people together who can share the ups and downs of their beauty journeys, flaunt

their flaws, laugh and share fun beauty tips to cultivate a healthy outlook that ‘This beauty dilemma too shall pass’. That’s why a few USC (University of Southern California) students and I decided to build a platform so we can learn and be inspired by others’ inner and outer beauty struggles, pain, happiness and success stories and share it with others so that we can all connect, heal and feel empowered.” 

Connect with Tammira on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The Tammira platform is available for download in the Apple App store. More information can be found at www.tammira.com.

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