10 Benefits from Add-on Services


“Let’s talk about mindset first. Think of each add-on service or product—no matter how small or quick—as a new opportunity to delight your clients.” 


There are two ways to make more money in the salon—attract and retain more clients or sell more services and products to existing clients to increase your average ticket. This issue of The Stylist addresses increasing your average ticket with add-on services.


When putting together your add-on menu, focus on pampering or problem-solving products and techniques and decide what makes sense for your clientele and your culture. For example, add-ons might include a scalp massage, deep-conditioning hair mask, neck and shoulder massage, paraffin dip for hands, eyebrow wax or shaping, cuticle softening treatment, lip-line soother (once we no longer need masks) or eye-area booster. 


Let’s talk about mindset first. Think of each add-on service or product—no matter how small or quick—as a new opportunity to delight your clients. We all need some extra pampering right now, but most of us have neither the time nor the extra money for a big splurge. But that’s okay, as you can pamper your clients, solve their personal care challenges, help relieve stress and communicate the feeling that they are cherished and valued right at your chair, depending on your salon’s price points and clientele.


10 benefits: Add-on services benefit you in at least 10 ways. 

  1. They create a quick, easy and inexpensive way to delight your clients. 
  2. They add revenue to your bottom line. 
  3. They provide an authentic opportunity to introduce a new service. 
  4. The training is inexpensive or even free online with the purchase of the products used to perform them. 
  5. While most states are not allowing double-booking because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can use the time while clients’ services are processing productively, increasing your revenue per hour.
  6. Add-ons can drive referrals because of the way your client feels during these mini-services. 
  7. They create excitement and anticipation about the experience for your clients who book the same service at every visit.
  8. They help you evolve the image of your salon from a place to get your hair done to a feel-good, wellness sanctuary.
  1. If you work with an assistant, they offer a great opportunity to learn new service protocols and client communication skills.
  1. They might even increase your tip. 


Marketing Mini-Services: Creating a special menu for these quick delights will give them a sense of importance and entice your clients to try a new one at each visit. In addition, they provide an opportunity to retail the product you use for the service—a hair mask, a lip area hydrator, under-eye skin booster, a hand cream—once your clients experience the wonderful results.


Think of a name that aligns with the culture of your salon that will appeal to your clientele. You can call them add-ons, mini services, micro services, quick delights, 10 minutes of pampering, etc. 


Then, develop a single-page menu just for these services. You can change them daily, weekly or monthly, or change the pairings. Think about how your favorite restaurant presents its appetizers or daily specials. You can even write them on a menu board right at the door to let your clients know what’s happening that day. Of course, you will also want to post them on your social media daily, as well.


When it comes to pricing, consider what’s right for your culture and clientele. If your average hair service is $25, then the add-ons need to come in at $10 or less. If your average service is $75, you can charge $10 to $20. You want to give these services value, while covering your costs and allowing for a profit. A good way to calculate is a per-minute charge. If you choose, you can offer the first complimentary as a holiday thank-you or service intro.


Introducing add-on services offers many benefits to you and your clients. If you decide to take the plunge for the New Year, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Jayne Morehouse is president of Jayne & Company, a full-service Public Relations, Social Media Marketing and Content Development Agency for companies, brands, salons and spas. She is also the CEO of the Beauty Industry Report, a digital magazine for senior executives in the beauty business. Reach her at [email protected].

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